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Make sure you got what you ordered. 
No more. No less.

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Get notified when you run low and seamlessly order exactly on time. 

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Know what to expect. Know your peaks and lows in advance and order accordingly.

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Real Time Inventory

Inventory control + accurate prediction =

Less weight. More profit.

As a business owner, you deserve to know your kitchen inventory flow in real time. How much do you have of each and every item in your inventory? This is the time to get accurate predictions fine-tuned to your specific business patterns. 

With our revolutionary technology, we turn every container in the kitchen to live data so you never miss a thing. Whether you are running out of stock, or expecting a peak in certain items, Majordomo will make sure you are on track.   


Our Technology

IOT + Big Data = Full Control

Our tech consists of two main blocks. The first is advanced hardware which integrates with your kitchen containers and sends real time data regarding your items 24/7 to our database. The second is our Ai platform designed especially to have restaurant managers and owners in mind. By collecting and tracking inventory, the system learns your  daily inventory needs. It recommends and even places orders so you can focus on delighting your customers.

"Gaining real control over inventory is groundbreaking in this industry. It truly changes the game for me"

Yossi Adir, "Cafe Nehedar"


Meet The Team


Michael Avniel


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Raphael Gabbay

VP Product

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Tal Ofer


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Raed A. Leil

Biz Dev

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A former restaurant manager, with experience in inventory handling. Graduate of application development course at "John Bryce" college

MDes in Design Management (Bezalel Academy) and over 15 years of entrepreneurship, design and product management in a vast array of fields Rafi is guided by a holistic, multidisciplinary approach.

General Manager of the YMCA Three Arches Hotel in Jerusalem. With vast experience in the restaurant and hospitality field managing inventory, purchases & industrial kitchens 

Technology system designer, with the love for the right code. Over 25 yrs of coding in a variety of systems and applications.  With extensive experience in the embedded and IOT world.

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